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AWDD has undertaken and completed rigorous safety, environmental and quality pre-qualification processes with the following companies in relation to the Coal Seam Gas industry in Queensland.

Company list

Partnering on CSG Industry Works to Date

Works have already been undertaken for Origin Energy and APLNG through Leighton Contractors and East Coast Pipelines who have awarded works to AWDD. We have also recently been awarded contracts with GD Pipelines (QCLNG) and WDS Limited (Santos) in the burgeoning Coal Seam Gas fields of South Western Queensland.

Other projects that AWDD have recently completed:


Quality Assurance

AWDD’s commitment to Quality, Safety and Protection of the Environment is never more evident than in their comprehensive Quality Management System.

AWDD’S Quality Management Policy states – “Industry today has high expectation in regard to manufactured and installed products. It is imperative that construction, installation and maintenance service based companies, such as AWDD, embrace the required guidelines of a comprehensive Quality Management System such as that defined in ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Requirements.” Thus “AWDD Senior Management and Personnel is committed to implementing the intent of ISO 9001 : 2000 and obtaining full accreditation in the shortest practical time frame.”

AWDD’s Quality Assurance System includes, but is not limited to a fully endorsed and championed Quality Management Plan, Quality Management Manual and Quality Management Policy. This documentation encompasses Specifications, Standards, Plans and Manuals, Procedures, Inspection & Test Plans, Forms, Instructions and any other related management system documents or data in the form of any type of media (hard copy or electronic).

AWDD’s Quality Management Plan states “Corporate and Senior Management of Australia Wide Directional Drilling Pty Ltd are committed to understanding and providing quality excellence for all clients. This will be achieved by embracing the systems and intent of ISO 9001:2008 and 9004: 2000.”

“It is the intent of the Company to provide the Client with a Quality Management System designed to the ISO 9000 series of standards and will be maintained and improved as required, to ensure that all requirements are met. The Quality Management System and associated documentation will be monitored by periodic audits carried out by the Quality Manager or third party auditors to ensure continuous compliance.”

“Australia Wide Directional Drilling Pty Ltd is committed to the process of continuous improvement and training of all personnel associated with the output quality of client works. Australia Wide Directional Drilling also believe that integral to the physical aspects of Quality Management is a fundamental responsibility for quality systems to include and encompass Safety and Environmental Standards and Systems.”


  • Obtain a comprehensive understanding of client quality requirements prior to submitting any tender pricing or undertaking any site work.
  • Provide the client with a fully transparent approach to quality management that allows full access to the quality system during process so that any scope changes are readily addressed without compromise to commercial efficiency or quality of services or product.
  • Provide the highest level of product and service quality whilst supplying commercial efficiency so that AWDD become the preferred supplier of all drilling services and in the industry.
  • Integrate safety and environmental policy and procedures into the quality management system as crucial factors of all processes with significant influence on the outcome of product and service quality.


AWDD’s Quality Management System has already successfully been reviewed and accepted during the pre-qualification process for the following nationally and internationally recognised companies in relation to the Coal Seam Gas Industry in Queensland.

  • Leighton Contractors
  • NACAP Australia
  • East Coast Pipelines
  • APA Group Pty Ltd
  • WDS Limited