AWDD Delivers


AWDD uses only the highest quality in HDD equipment and attracts and retains personal with the qualifications, skills and experience to successfully provide for all your exploration, production and directional drilling needs. We install small and large diameter pipes to grade over short or long distances in any ground conditions.

AWDD’s use of the innovative Trenchless Installation of pipelines and utilities minimises environmental impact and disturbance and the construction footprint, resulting in maximum environmental protection, quality of service and significant savings in construction costs. The Steering Guidance System minimises traffic flow disruption, inconvenience to the public or surrounding landowners, and preserves cultural heritage and vegetation whilst reducing carbon emissions by up to 70%.

AWDD’s capabilities include various drilling techniques in addition to specialty services: HDD consulting and tailored project management, geotechnical assessments/reports, HDD survey design, site preparation, stringing, welding, joint coating, pipe installation, testing, as built, and reinstatement.

AWDD is a company committed to sound financial management and practices, holding a solid foundation of assets thus ensuring the stability and longevity of the company and peace of mind for the companies who partner with us on significant projects and clients for whom we provide products and services.


  • Bonaparte project in NT Lucas/ APA
  • Mortlake Gas pipeline Lucas/Origin
  • Banana Looping project. Lucas/Jemena
  • Brooklyn to Lara Lucas/APA
  • Bass Gas Project Lucas/Clough


  • APLNG Sustain – East Coast Pipeline
  • APLNG TCIP – East Coast Pipeline
  • ESSO - Longford to Long Island Point Pipeline Replacement (Victoria) for NACAP
  • Broadway Crossing (Ultimo, Sydney CBD) for Brookfield Energy Australia


  • Existing Services Location (Utilising our Vacuum Trucks for Non Destructive Digging)
  • Site Surveying
  • Geotechnical Reports
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling Design (RPEQ certified if required)
  • Construction Methodology (Including Safety, Environmental and Traffic Management Plans as required)
  • Site Preparation
  • Complete Range of Pipeline Services (Supply, Transportation, Welding etc.)
  • Directional Drilling and Pipeline Installation
  • Site Reinstatement
  • QA Documentation


  • Directional drill rigs
  • Drill fluid reclaimers
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Excavators
  • Water trucks
  • Pipe rollers


  • Vermeer Directional Drills
    • 1x D60x90 complete with 300m of 3½” rod and rock capabilities
    • 1x D100x120 complete with 500m of 3½” rod and rock capabilities
    • 1x D330x500 complete with 2km 6” rod and rock capabilities
  • 3 Vermeer Vacuum trucks with holding capabilities up 10,000lts – AWDD provides a Non Destructive Digging service utilising these units and experienced personnel to undertake tasks such as ‘pot holing’ for the location of existing services location etc.
  • 3 Hitachi excavators ranging from 12t to 35t
  • All of AWDD plant and equipment is self-transported
  • All crew are trained and only use the latest industry tooling on the market
  • AWDD has the ability to install product pipe to grade in any ground condition

Broadway Sydney project