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Australia Wide Directional Drilling (AWDD) is a Queensland based horizontal directional drilling company, utilising environmentally friendly Trenchless Installation of pipelines, operating extensively throughout Australia. With the latest technology and equipment and enviable operational standards in quality, environmental and safety we attract highly experienced personnel.

AWDD’s commitment to the innovative Trenchless Installation of pipelines and utilities enhances environmental responsibility by minimising environmental disturbance and the construction footprint in all types of ground formations, from river crossings to inaccessible and sensitive ecological environments, resulting in maximum environmental protection and significant savings to the bottom line construction costs. The Steering Guidance System used means there is no requirement for road closures and minimises inconvenience to the public and/or surrounding landowners, cultural heritage and remnant vegetation disturbance and up to 70% reduction in carbon emissions, providing a safer and greener alternative to open cut trenching through environmentally delicate areas.

Waterway health has been significantly impacted by recent flooding events throughout Australia, resulting in rivers and creeks suffering erosion, contamination and debris. Directionally drilled crossings help preserve river beds, wetlands and reclamation areas as this method can

accurately place a line well beneath the river bed offering improved efficiency and security in an unstable environment that is cost effective. HDD limits the reoccurring reinstatement costs of open cut trenching affected by erosion due to heavy rain or flooding.

AWDD only uses the latest Trenchless Technology available in the market place, providing a wider scope of options when choosing construction methodology, including correct design, accurate guidance and the ability to install small or large pipes to grade in any ground formation.

AWDD can provide your project with a turnkey solution, providing superior safety, quality, planning and communication to successful project completion.

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